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Happy New Year to You - 19 Nov 2019 16:39


Have you said these words to someone since the beginning of the year, or someone told you? Most likely. These are standard wishes for this season. And I wish you well here too. Happy New Year Wishes for I really hope that this is your best time in terms of everything. Success in your family life. To work Without illness, without worry and progress in your business. And I really wish it was yours this year.


But guess what? If you are old enough that I am writing here, then you know that it is all just a wish. Yes, I really wish they did it for you. They are with me as I want. But the reality is that if you leave it, you will have to apologize to yourself at the end of the year.

Desire is an expression of desire that we hope for; If something beats us as expected, we will be happy. Just wanting something does not mean that we should have it. That is why the sage once said that if desires are horses, then beggars will ride on them.

For a happy year, we should do that work as we want from the beginning of the year; We have to The onus is on us.

For example, if the last year was not too big for you in a particular area of ​​your life, and you will continue to work in exactly the same way as you experienced the previous year, you cannot be happy. Merry Christmas Wishes for Regardless, the rest of us over a hundred million Nigerians want you to have a better year.

Therefore take responsibility. Decide to make some changes. Start your relationship with God. Make a good decision to get to know him better this year. Find out what he says about your future, and trust what he will do for you.

Then look at the source of your income and ask yourself the important question: What can I do to improve this? How can I offer the above services to people who pay for my services so that they pay more for me?

And if you still don't have a source of income this year, read all my series on the simple system, which pumps money into your bank account like an invisible paymaster, and starts implementing it. This is a sure way for you to build your steady income stream. It never fails.

Do not neglect your health. Ask: Am I right? Do i train properly? Do I feel that I am compromising work correctly?

Then think about your family: Am I a good father or mother? Am I close to my children when I need them when they need me? Do we express love? Am I doing enough for my parents? Do I pay enough attention to my spouse?

And then your community: Do I play my role in my society? How can I add value to the people around me? e.t.c

If you answer these questions correctly and take the right steps, then your year is very happy. All these desires have become reality for you. And not only will you be happy, but there will be a reason to honor your God, who has done it for you. - Comments: 0

Tips for WiFi Security - 26 Mar 2019 04:01


If your network is wireless, consider these wireless security tips. Your wireless network offers many potential attacks against the wired network. Do not worry, I'll tell you tips to protect your wireless network.

Security is a "system". For this reason, you should choose to simplify rather than implement the specified tips in this article. Clever WiFi Names Let's start with three simple "brains", you need to turn on your wireless router for the first time:

1.) Change the default username and password for the administrator

The main device in your network is your access point or router. This tool provides a local web page where you can log in and configure the device. All manufacturers have the same username and password. Hackers know this and try these basic username and passwords on your router. Some common username: admin and admin. Some passwords: (blank password), password and admin

2.) Change your SSID

The SSID is the name of the wireless access point or router's wireless network. Most manufacturers carry these devices with the same SSID. The name of this network is visible to anyone under the range and points to the router's brand. If you change the SSID, then do not change what you go to your neighbors. So do not use your last name like "Smiths Network".

3.) Use strong encryption

Do not use WEP! Any simple program can download and crack the WEP encryption key in minutes. Use WPA or WPA2 instead. Such encryption protects your wireless network from WEP. Once a strong encryption method is available, you should switch to this standard.

After these 3 basic tips, I recommend the following tips for your wireless security …

4.) Do not move your SSID

If you think that your Wi-Fi network is likely to target hackers, then I recommend that you configure your router so that your SSID is not sent. This means that you prioritize your wireless devices with the SSID and network keys and then configure settings on your router. If a category tries to find a wireless network, then your network will not be visible. Clever WiFi Names The name of your SSID network will be in stealth mode. Some modern hackers can still find hidden SSIDs. But in this tip, I will definitely add full Wi-Fi security to other people mentioned in this article.

5.) Enable MAC address filtering

This feature allows you to configure the MAC address of devices on any router that you want to allow access to your network. With this feature, you are not looking for a simple challenge to hacker enthusiasts. The thief stole the car, which brings the window down from the inverted door instead of the car. The thief does not know that the door is open, he only sees the possibility of reducing the window.

6.) Do not share your WiFi too much

More laptops and desktops connected to your Wi-Fi access point slow down your internet speed. Your internet connection speed is shared between all computers. This means that if your neighbors and unauthorized users use your wireless internet without your knowledge, then you will call your ISP due to many slow problems.

7.) Change your password regularly.

Change your WPA passphrase and your computer credentials every three months. This makes it difficult to try malicious attacks on your network and your computer. If a hacker already has access to your network or your computer, then your new credentials will be blocked. - Comments: 0

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